Who are we?

Union-ALFM has been initiated in 2010 to federate all the Alumni of French schools around the world and strengthen the bonds of friendship and solidarity between them.


  • Encourage and support the development of local alumni associations.
  • Facilitate the development of professional network and opportunities between our members.
  • Promote the actions and talents of our members.
  • Promote the French educational model and its values: tolerance, humanism, fraternity, secularism, equal opportunity, intellectual curiosity, promotion of critical thinking and a spirit of mutual aid.

Union-ALFM gathers and supports nearly 148 local alumni associations. Its ambition is to become the worldwide network of the existing local associations.

Since 2019, Union-ALFM has a seat in the AEFE Board (the Agency for French Education Abroad). Since then, the Association is an official representative for all Alumni with the French and international authorities and private partners.


Throughout the year, Union-ALFM organizes some events to network the Alumni, advise them and structure local associations.

Since 2019, the Association has been organizing a Professional Forum with meetings between Alumni and companies from all over the world, with round table discussions and debates on current topics.

Another highlight of the Forum is the award ceremony "Prix de l'engagement", which rewards the involvement of an Alumni in these following fields : sustainable development, health, social inclusion, actions against all forms of discrimination, migration and population movements, educational matters.

Every 2 years Union-ALFM co-organizes with the AEFE and local associations, the World Alumni Forum (FOMA) :

2019 : FOMA in Tunis | 2017: FOMA in Lisbon | 2013: FOMA in Vienna | 2011: FOMA in Casablanca | 2009: FOMA in Paris.

In September 2020, the Association launched the Ambassadors project. It aims to create a network of correspondents from local associations in the 139 countries where the AEFE and the Mission Laïque are present.


  • The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE)
  • The Federation of Parents Associations of French Schools Abroad (FAPEE),
  • The Mission laïque

They all support Union-ALFM and help the volunteers’ work.