There are over a billion of us on the planet confined by the coronavirus.

Some have already been through this crisis (Asia), others are currently facing it (Europe, America), and some are just entering it (Africa, Latin America).

We may feel isolated and without resources in the face of this pandemic. In reality, we all have an experience to share or words of comfort to offer. It's a first expression of solidarity and mutual aid.

Homeschooling, overcoming isolation when you're far from your family, chatting with elders or simply reflecting on the world we're going to live in after this crisis... That's the aim of this Covid-19 solidarity group.

Wherever you are, we want you to know that your contribution, reflection and testimony are useful and valuable.

We'll also be publishing articles and information to help you get through this period.

Solidarity is everyone's business!

Please take care of yourselves.

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7779 results
7779 results

2013 - Lycée franco-libanais - Alphonse-de-Lamartine - Tripoli ( Tripoli, Liban)
2017 - Lycée français Antoine-et-Consuelo-de-Saint-Exupéry ( San Salvador, Salvador)
Student, Sciences Po
2018 - Lycée Lyautey ( Casablanca, Maroc)
2017 - Collège-Lycée Léon l'Africain ( Casablanca, Maroc)
2017 - Groupe scolaire Jacques-Majorelle ( Marrakech, Maroc)  |  2017 - Lycée Victor-Hugo ( Marrakech, Maroc)
2017 - Lycée français du Caire ( Le Caire, Égypte)  |  2017 - Section française de la MISR Language School ( Le Caire, Égypte)  |  2017 - Lycée Descartes ( Rabat, Maroc)
2017 - Lycée Lyautey ( Casablanca, Maroc)
2014 - Lycée français Jean-Monnet ( Bruxelles, Belgique)
2014 - Lycée français de Barcelone ( Barcelone, Espagne)
2018 - Lycée français Pierre-Deschamps ( Alicante, Espagne)

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