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Paul Mamère, a symbol of success and inclusiveness in French education abroad

16 February 2024 Former network member
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Paul's exceptional success in the AEFE baccalauréat exams as a student with Down's Syndrome has made him an ambassador for Down's Syndrome throughout the world. He represents a beacon of hope for all those affected by Down's Syndrome, a genetic anomaly of chromosome 21 leading to intellectual deficiency and developmental delay.

Paul turned his disability into motivation and achieved his goal. His success symbolizes the success of the French model of inclusive schooling around the world. We see Paul as a true example to follow. His journey is an exceptional challenge and embodies the success of the French model of inclusive schooling. He deserves our unconditional support.

Today, Paul studies at the École Supérieure de Journalisme and works as a freelance journalist. He is developing his skills while asking for our support in promoting universal inclusion. Together, let's form a chain of union and solidarity to support his call for universal inclusion.
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